Client Reviews

Richard “

Highly recommend! For someone that has never needed a lawyer there came a time that I did. Briana was more than helpful to take the time to explain everything that I had questions for. She was gracious, courteous, and professional. I recommend her to any one of my friends that are in need of a lawyer.”

Gary “

Business law, highly recommend! As a partner in a local firm specializing in a construction support related field, Briana has been a valuable resource in the areas of personnel, contracts, collections, organization advice (corporate and LLC).

With a small workforce of 29, our firm has relied on her advice which has helped us to grow and avoid the pitfalls of not having planned well. I highly recommend her as a choice for legal issues in business law.”

Derek “

Briana made our legal experience very easy and straightforward. She is very detail oriented and excellent at helping her client understand the legal jargon used in contracts. The contracts were neutral between our partnership and we were able to resolve the buyout with minimal cost and time incurred by business operations.”

Superior service! Ms. Parramore was tremendous at providing estate planning services as well as other requests such as living will and medical powers of attorney for myself and my wife. My wife is disabled and she arranged it so she could visit at our house to accomplish this. She is very professional and knowledgeable. She kept us informed consistently via email, answered all our questions and provided sound advice as we went through the process. She was timely and responsive to our needs every step of the way. She made sure we reviewed the documents every step of the process to ensure it expressed our desires and to allow us to make changes that we may have overlooked in earlier versions. We try to keep these documents updated and this way by far the best experience we have ever had. We will definitely ask her to provide future updates for these documents as well as any other services she can help us with. She was a pleasure for us to work with and she always had a positive attitude and willingness to work with us. We have absolute trust in her integrity and expertise. We wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone needing an attorney in the Lubbock area.”

Mike “