Mechanic Lien Laws

  • Are you a sub or supplier that is not getting paid and you want to know what your options are under Texas mechanic lien laws?  Need a demand for payment?

  • Are you an owner or general contractor that received a notice of potential mechanic’s lien and want to discuss your options at this point?

CALL TODAY!  Pursuant to the Texas Property Code, there are deadlines on when you can seek relief and file a mechanic’s lien.

Construction Contracts

  • Need a custom construction contract?

  • Have a standard form agreement but would like to customize it to better meet your needs?

  • Been using the same standard form for too long and need an update?

  • Have you been presented with a construction contract but need help reviewing it, with suggestions on how to make the contract less one-sided?

Whether you are an owner, general contractor or sub, your goals and risks on a construction project are different. The contract negotiation phase is an important part of the process that should not be overlooked.  If you allow yourself to sign an agreement that is completely one-sided, you may regret that later down the road.

 If you have the habit of entering into verbal agreements or “handshake” agreements, it may be time to consider having a written contract to protect your company.

Construction Defects

  • Is your newly constructed or developed property experiencing problems that you believe could be a construction defect?