Estate Planning

Estate planning is important to ensure that your wishes are followed and it makes it easier on your loved ones after you pass away.

A lot of times people hesitate to do their estate plan because they get boggled down with questions such as do a need a will or a trust. These are the type of questions we can discuss at our first meeting and you will likely gain clarity and closure on these questions. Since the federal estate tax exemption is so high now most people do not need to worry about doing a trust and a will is the easier, cost-effective option. We can discuss your unique situation more at our meeting. 

Another reason people hesitate is because they believe they do not have a large enough estate to even bother with a will. Even if you have a small estate, you are still doing your loved ones a favor by leaving a will, as the process to probate a will is far easier and less expensive than the intestate process, which has additional steps and procedures. 

Completing your estate plan is usually a simple, straightforward process that will give you peace of mind.