Parramore Law Firm, Dedicated to Local Lubbock Businesses and Families

Briana Parramore loves helping her clients and solving problems, and knows that whatever legal issues you are having, you’d like to have them resolved as soon as possible.

Most of the time, cases can be settled and parties can reach a compromise or reasonable solution. Sometimes there is a court battle, and in those instances, she is happy to fight for your rights in court.

If you have a situation you would like to discuss, please contact her so you can talk about your unique situation.

Parramore Law Firm is a solo practice, so expect to have personal attention. If you are a business owner and it is more convenient to meet at your office, Briana is glad to come to your office.

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“Business law, highly recommend! As a partner in a local firm specializing in a construction support related field, Briana has been a caluable resource in the area of personnel, contracts, collections, organization advice (Corporate, & LLC). With a small workforce of 29, our firm has relied on her advice & she has help us grow and avoid the pitfalls of not having planned very well. I highly recommend her as your choice for legal issues in business law.” - Gary

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